Moving Day


I have decided to move this website from a Blog format to a Forum format. You can now find us at http://throughthewringer.webs.com


Hope to see you there soon!

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This blog will be taking a siesta for a month or so. I just bought a house that needs to be renovated and so I will not have any computer time. I will let you all know when we are back in the works!


The coffee shop door swings inward at the hand of a tall man.  He wears a fine linen shirt and slacks, his head held high and a wry smile on his face. After ordering his coffee, black, he looks around for a nice, crowded table. “Now there is where I can have some fun.” he says, more to himself than anyone else. Carefully balancing his fresh coffee in his left hand he walks over to a table with several people already sitting down, deep in unimportant conversation. His imposing presence sends a hush through the table as he makes himself comfortable, not caring that no one invited him to sit with them.

“You know, petty thoughts about the universe and nature are noble and all, but they don’t seem to help you in the real world. I say we turn the conversation to something a little lighter, but far more relevant. Something like, If you were responsible for someone else’s demise, someone who is close to you. That you know and care about. Who would it be and why would their demise be on your shoulders? Intentionally or otherwise.”

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Grabbing the antique handle before him, Aurelin opens the door. The hinges creak in protest of forgotten mobility. Dust stirs, illuminated by the steady light of the open doorway. Aurelin’s eyes dart around quickly assessing the hovels drab interior. With a sniff of disdain he saunters over to the only furniture arrangement in the room and picks up a chair that was laying discarded and useless on the floor. As he sets it upright the presence of dust is inescapable and gray smears appear on his olive green slacks and cream linen shirt.

Annoyance ripples across his defined features, and for a brief moment, rage flares in his eyes.  Aurelin closes his eyes, regaining his composure and breathes, lips pursed closed. He stands and the air around him swirls momentarily. His eyes flash open, revealing his now dust free suit.

He nods to himself,  seeing his appearance is now as he intended.  He sits down and poises himself on the chair’s edge, placing his elbows on his knees and his chin on his fists. Now he simply waits for the others. The ones who feel important enough to address those of the First Creation.

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Good day, or evening as it may be.

I am a fledgling writer and moderate artist.  Along with those time-consuming passions I am also a wife and mother of 4 small children, 2 of whom I homeschool.  Needless to say, I often can only find the time to write in the late hours of the night and wee hours of the morning.

But on top of this time crunch I also have a defunct train of thought. You see, it derails on me quite often.  I have found myself often wanting to write but having a hard time clarifying the ideas in my scatter-brained head.

It is easier for me to keep my train on track when I have a cohort to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of.  Someone with a point of view not like my own that is willing to say, “Well, what if you did it like this instead?” Giving me more ideas and trimming up my stories with muscle, not fat.

Of course, then we come back to the late night thing.  Not a whole lot of people are willing to let me do such idea bouncing on their heads at 1:00 in the morning.  So the train comes back around, I am here after all. On this blog. And it is 1:40 a.m. Not a soul is listening to me, not right now at least, but that is okay. Tomorrow maybe, or even a few days after that.

But that is the brilliance of it all.  I can type away, formulating questions and brainstorming at 1:40 in the morning, listening to the crickets chirping outside my window and the occasional car passing by.  Then at 9:00 a.m. or whenever you get up or find yourself sitting before the bright monitor light of your computer, you can read my ramblings and respond with ramblings of your own.

Let’s not stop there though. There is so much more.  You see, we can help each other.  We can collaborate and make each other a better writer as we put our ideas Through the Wringer.

I will host two specific brainstorming ideas to start.  If you have other ideas that would work in an online format, feel free to share and I will see what I can do to set it up here. Each post for each topic will stay up for two weeks before a new train of thought is poised in front of the wringer.

The first two ideas I am starting with are to help in character development. I will be hosting a Character Coffee Shop and an Interrogation Room. Brush up your role playing skills and jump in on the fun.

The Character Coffee Shop is a post where I will start with a random topic, in voice of a Character of mine.  All replies to the post must be made in the voice of a character of yours as well. This will be a conversation between our different characters so that we not only get to know our own character’s better, but have fun enjoying other writer’s styles as well.  These discussions will be refreshed bi-weekly with a new starting topic. Your replies do not have to stay on topic, but they do have to start on topic and let your thoughts and the conversation lead you where it will.

The Interrogation Room will be a place where a single character is put under the interrogation light for two weeks. Email me at ttwringer@gmail.com with a few paragraph introduction of your character.  I will use it as the post, naming the author to whom receives credit behind the character and to whom all replies will be addressed.  The replies will consist of questions for the character in the post.  All questions are welcome, though please keep it clean. I will determine if a question is inappropriate and delete it if I deem necessary.  But yes, you can ask questions like, “What size curling iron do you use?” and “What is your favorite color?”  These questions may or may not be relevant to the developing of the character for the book, but they will force the author to know their character more intimately. Therefore, being less likely to have unintended inconsistencies in the character.

If you have any questions about how either of these two posts are going to work, reply to this thread please.